We Buy Or Part-Exchange Your Unwanted CDs, LPs, DVDs.

Please send a list of items you want to sell in one of three ways...

Print this form, fill it in and post it to this address

Fill in our online form

Send it by e-mail

(You MUST give us your postal address!)

Please read our terms and conitions...

On receiving your list, we will then value the items offered and send you an official quote for the items we can accept. This will be done by regular mail so please remember to include your home address.

We will give you two offers -

(A) will be a Cash Value / Part-Exchange Offer against any Second Hand items of your choice;
(B) will be a Part-Exchange Offer against any Brand New Items of your choice. (B) will be greater than (A)

If you require part-exchange offer (B), please ask for our free catalogue.

If you're happy with our offer, please send in the items for which we have made an offer for, advising us if you want offer (A) or (B). If you are accepting our Cash Offer, we will send you a cheque payment by return made out in your own country's currency. If you wish to accept a Part-Exchange Offer please make use of our Order Form filling in all relevant details. Please use up all the allowance wherever possible as we cannot send any monetary change on Part-Exchange offers against New items; we can, however, send a credit note for your next order.

There may be some items offered we cannot accept due to their being overstocks or proven non-sellers; we will advise you of this when we make the offer. We do not accept Singles/EPs in any format; neither do we have a market for compilations (various artists) nor classical nor easy listening (James Last/Val Doonican etc. types) in any format.

Please do not send any more or any less items than we have made an offer for without contacting us first to amend the original offer. Under no circumstances send any items unless you have received an offer before hand.

All items sent must conform to the following - CDs / DVDs must be free from surface marks complete in their jewel boxes with librettos. LPs must be free from scratches, surface noise, warpage and damp and in their original sleeves  - bootlegs of any format are not accepted.
We reserve the right to amend the original offer without consultation to account for items we may have to reject, return postage will be charged. Our offer is valid for one month from date of issue - if the time expires, please contact us.