Cb's Custmer Cmments

Here are a few comments kindly sent in by our customers...

Particular thanks and praise for so speedy a dispatch. I will certainly be buying from you again.


Hi - just to say I'm now on my 2nd purchase from you - not heard of you till recently when an acquaintance mentioned you.   A few weeks back I founf The Human Menagerie by Cockney Rebel in your rare vinyl list - summat I've been looking for since 19oatcake, my original version gave up the ghost some 15 years ago, played into the ground!  Anyway, it arrived swiftly, safe and sound so I'm well pleased.. Cool as the kids now say, and WE used to say like 40 years ago up  in Liverpool - now living near Welshpool, so Cob, "Diolch yn Fawr" See ya!


Like many other youngsters of my generation (born in late fifties and early sixties) I started mail ordering LPs in the year 1978 when I was still in elementary school. In my home town there was already many people that was mail ordering music from numerous UK mail order companies.   From the begining I ordered from many different companies, including of course Cob Records! Cob Rec. was remembered with affection among people in my hometown because that was mail order with speedy delivery and low prices! Because my taste was perhaps a little old fashioned (in the late seventies I liked the music of the late sixties) my personal favourites was Cob budget priced lists. Gee, it was possible to buy US copy of "Eric Burdon declares War" on MGM label for little more than two pounds!  The problem these days here in Serbia is that it is hard to find spare pick up stylus, so guys try not to listen them too often (which helps possible buyers). Most of my friends collected rock music so Cob Records was company of choice. Yesterday I went to my neighbour and asked him to put Free song "Wishing Well" on turntable. With nostalgia we remembered the music from 1972 and mail order companies like COB RECORDS.


"Dear friends at Cob, I think that was how I would address any correspondence to you back in the early to mid 1970s when I was a regular buyer of Lp's from you . Amazed you are still there at Porthmadog. Anyway I am so pleased to have discovered you are still there!"

S & F

"Thanks for your speedy reply (and for the literature - I especially enjoyed reading "The History Of Cob Records"; during the 70's the majority of my LP collection was built up via your mail order service and the first time I visited the shop I indeed emerged with several bags full!)."

Mr P.C.

"I spent most of my holidays during the late '70's,through the'80's (as a "young hippy" staying at Cardigan View caravan park with the parents) and as an adult,holidaying with the wife, during the late '80's, early 90's (much to her annoyance) browsing through your vast collections. Many a good L.P was bought throughout those times, and friends & family always thought the weather must've been bad, as I always returned home paler than when I went!"

Mr S.J.

"Just a big thank you for the quality of your packaging and the ultra-fast response (as always.) I have bought literally hundreds of LPs off dealers and collectors over the years and can place you first as far as customer satisfaction is concerned! Keep up the good work!"

Mr. G.D.

"We were talking about you at work, as we both remember you from the 70's. I said that I would see if you had a web site and thankfully you have!"

Mr G.S.

"I can't believe you're still going - I must have dealt with you first in the early 70s!"

Mr P.D.

"Only recently found that you still exist! I used to be a customer of yours as a teenager - nearly 30 years ago!"

Mrs K.S.

"Just a big thank you for the VERY fast deal on the Incredible Hog / Volume 1 LP. I was expecting an e-mail confirming the deal and instead, the record turns up! Thanks once again."

Mr. G.D.

"I’m proud to say that I’m one of your original second-hand mail-order customers from my school days in the 70’s. Getting married in 1976, we all came down to North Wales for our "honeymoon". We came to Cob Records and spent 25 quid on used records. It’s our 25th anniversary shortly and we are planning to call in again – who knows, we might spend another 25 quid! I hope you keep stocking vinyl for at least another 25 years!"

P & J.B.

"I was browsing through Q magazine yesterday when I saw your ad and a pile of memories came flooding back. When I was about 14 or 15 one of my then best pals used to holiday in Wales every summer. One year he came back with a pile of second-hand albums. He had visited Porthmadog and found your record shop, he was incredibly keen. The following year he was going back there on holiday. He left Scotland with orders for about 15 or 20 albums. What did I get? The Stamp Album by the Climax Blues Band and a Sonny Rollins album.

I’m glad to hear that you’re still in business."

Mr G.S.